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2018's Cutest NewcomersMarceline, Lara Duro, Akira May, Ketti, Kaia Katava, Lena Reif, Mary Rock, Roxy Lips, Baby Nicols, Florane RussellJanuary 2, 20192018's Cutest Newcomers
January 2, 2019 2018's Cutest Newcomers
Before DawnLara DuroAugust 31, 2018Before Dawn
August 31, 2018 Before Dawn
Actress: Lara Duro, Brought by: 21 Naturals, Pictures: 120
Distracting FeetLara DuroMay 20, 2018Distracting Feet
May 20, 2018 Distracting Feet
Actress: Lara Duro, Brought by: Footsie Babes, Pictures: 239
Nuttfill And ChillLara DuroMarch 31, 2018Nuttfill And Chill
March 31, 2018 Nuttfill And Chill
Actress: Lara Duro, Brought by:, Pictures: 276
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